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Hip Mama Zine and Website

What's in a name? Well, everything when it comes to Hip Mama if Hip means current, political, freedom seeking, independent and aware, and Mama means….well, that's self-explanatory. Hip Mama represents a progressive approach to “mothering magazines” with first person tales of experiences of being a mama. It's funny, sharp and really personal. Reading the tales in the zine evokes a level of compassion and a “we're all in this together” feeling, allowing you to stop worrying so much about being the perfect parent, so that for a moment (or much much longer) you may realize that in everyone's imperfect way, they are really perfect. Hip Mama also has a great website, featuring a blog, related news, a store selling cool Hip Mama paraphernalia and much more.

Mothering Magazine

Mothering is a quarterly magazine covering natural family living. Despite its name, the journal is for mothers, fathers, caregivers and educators. The magazine addresses issues of health, education and environment with a bend toward the unconventional and innovative.

Child Magazine

Child is a monthly magazine about raising children and family lifestyle. Articles range from children's health to marital relationship issues. The magazine also includes recipes, children's fashion.

Family Fun

The Disney-owned magazine, which is published 10 times a year, specializes in covering activities for families with children ages 3-12. Each issue contains articles on travel, food, crafts, activities and products.

Parenting Magazine

This is a popular magazine for helping parents to raise smart, loving and self-confident children.  Contains age specific guidance, advice on your child's emotional and social development, and ways to stimulate learning.

Parents Magazine

This magazine offers proven ways to help your children become the best they can be, from the nation's leading childcare experts.

American Baby Magazine

A complete reference for expectant and new parents, which focuses on all aspects of childcare.  It addresses health and medical information both for pregnancy and infants/toddlers.

Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community 
 by Sobonfu E. Some

In Welcoming Spirit Home, Sobonfu E. Some imparts us with the traditional wisdom that honors children as the soul of the community, the view held by her native Dagara tribe in Burkino Faso in West Africa. She shares with the reader beautiful, yet simple, rituals focused specifically on children, which celebrate their birth, growth and place in the community. The cultural knowledge included in this book transcends cultural boundaries, giving you both soulful insight and practical knowledge about ways to honor children. And how much more perfect an author to share this wisdom than Some, whose name means "keeper of rituals."

Ophelia Speaks 
 by Sara Shandler

Catalyzed by Mary Pipher's book Reviving Ophelia, which explored the challenges that girls face as they enter womanhood, Ophelia Speaks features the Ophelias (teenage girls) speaking in their own voice. Author Sara Shandler provides a thoughtful framework for the essays, poetry and commentaries from a cross section of teenage girls expressing their perspectives as they transition through this period of their lives. Exploring issues such as faith, parental expectations, body image, eating disorders and others, Ophelia Speaks is a wonderful book for both teenage girls as well as their parents who may be looking for insight into how to support them.

The Giving Tree 
 by Shel Silverstein

One of the classics for kids and adults alike, The Giving Tree features simple lines and simple line drawings that tells the story of friendship. It tells the story of giving. The story of unconditional love. The story of returning to our roots. Its meaning and lessons are interpreted by people as similar, and yet as varied, making The Giving Tree a parable that moves through time with each individual. This book is one that sits on the bookshelves of many people throughout their life, a childhood favorite that transcends various life stages.

Enemy Pie 
 story by Derek Munson, Illustrations by Tara Calahan King

Enemy Pie is a charmingly written book with colorful illustrations that evoke the larger-than-life quality of childhood. Geared towards children kindergarten through fourth grade, yet appreciated by kids of all ages, this simple and entertaining tale teaches children about conflict resolution and how to make new friends, and carries with it an important lesson. Through the guidance of his father and a delicious fruit pie, the protagonist learns that maybe those we view as our rivals are really not different from us, and can actually be our best friends if we just take the time to get to know them. The lesson is at once eternal as well as incredibly relevant today and Enemy Pie is a great way to guide children in this very important teaching.

Flower Essence Repertory  
 by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

Flower essences are natural, non-toxic remedies used for balancing emotional energies first developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. While many people are familiar with the flower essence combination Rescue Remedy, which is renowned for its ability to deliver calm to children, adults and even pets in times of acute stress, there are many more individual flower essences that can be vehicles for intense emotional and soul-oriented healing. For those who want to extend their knowledge and use of these wonderful healing gems beyond Rescue Remedy, the "Flower Essence Repertory" is a great resource. The book covers 142 different flower essences, from Agrimony to Zinnia, complete with a detailed description of characteristics for use. The book is also organized by repertorized categories so that you can look up over 200 "emotional pictures" -- anything from abandonment to catharsis to parenting to will -- and find out the remedies that are best suited. Additionally, the book also gives a detailed overview on the background of flower essence therapy and how it is used.

In The Mind's Eye: Visual Thinkers, Gifted People with Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties, Computer Images and the Ironies of Creativity  
by Thomas G. West

For many people, feeling like they are different can be challenging; yet, when it comes to the way that a person thinks and processes information, the experience is oftentimes frustrating at best, and debilitating at worst. In this wonderful book, Thomas G. West explores the thinking patterns associated with dyslexia, autism, ADHD and other "learning disabilities," showing that while those individuals may be challenged when it comes to verbal skills, they may have superior visual/spatial skills that set them apart. Taking a historical perspective, he offers that the equation of verbal skills with enhanced intelligence may not necessarily be objective but rather an artifact of a society which has more recently put literary skills above those of spatial/visual thinking. Using famous examples such as Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, West shows how the skills of these visual/spatial thinkers were critical for their success. For anyone with a child (or loved one) challenged by being a "different thinker" this book can not only create better understanding but also can help you to create an environment for them where their talents can excel, creativity can be sparked and self-value can be better crystallized.

The Secret Universe Of Names: The Dynamic Interplay Of Names And Destiny
by Roy Feinson

Whether it be to find a name for your new baby or just understand some of the linguistic archetypal principles of your own name and that of other family members, "The Secret Universe Of Names: The Dynamic Interplay Of Names And Destiny" by Roy Feinson may hold the answer(s) you're looking for. This wonderful book reveals the connection between sounds and the emotions they invoke. Instead of just reporting meanings for individual names, the author has grouped names based upon the common sound thread throughout, illuminating the meaning and expression of their phonetics. Reading through names of friends and family turned out to offer spot-on, illuminating insights into these people, as if the author personally knew them. Its large coffee table book format and pleasing graphic design will make it a treasure and conversation piece for friends and family alike.

Feeding the Whole Family: Whole Foods Recipes for Babies, Young Children & Their Parents by Cynthia Lair

This is a great book for parents and caretakers looking not only for a recipe book for easy-to-prepare healthy foods but a resource book that will help to inspire kids to appreciate eating healthy. It includes sections on "Starting your Baby on Whole Foods" and "Attracting Your Children to Healthy Eating," the latter giving tips about being a good healthy eating role model as well as making participating in kitchen activities fun for kids. It features hundreds of whole foods recipes that are sure to delight the palate of all members of your household. The author's most recent book, Feeding the Young Athlete, co-written with Scott Murdoch, PhD RD (to be reviewed in an upcoming version of PlanetWaves Parenting), focuses on nutrition for children engaged in sports activities.

The Body Project : An Intimate History of American Girls by Joan Jacobs Brumberg

As it is so entrenched in our culture that young (and not so young) women are obsessed with their body image, it seems that it has always been that way. Yet, as the author of "The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls", vividly points out, this concentrated focus on projecting a body image where thinness is the ideal, sacrificed at times to concerns of character and sometimes health, is relatively new from a historical perspective. Written in an engaging and intelligent style by historian Joan Jacobs Brumberg, The Body Project is a great read for parents and caretakers of teenage and pre-teenage girls as it may help to provide them with some guidance with which to share with their child when she interact with these compelling societal pressures.

The Ninth Month by Catherine Steinmann

The Ninth Month is an exquisite photography book that celebrates expecting mothers, the female form, and the beauty that is life. The book presents two series of images -- those taken in New York and those taken in Hawaii. The New York photographs show women veiled in gossamer fabrics that are at once revealing while serving as an elegant foil to their wondrous bodies. The Hawaii photographs partner the women with the sea, illuminating the uboric experience that they are having within and without. A perfect gift for the expectant mother or anyone who wants to revel in the majestical beauty of pregnancy.

Is This Your Child's World? How You Can Fix the Schools and Homes That Are Making Your Children Sick by Doris Rapp

More and more evidence supports the link between sensitivities/allergies to building materials, mold, pesticides and other environmental contaminants and physical illnesses and behavioral problems in children. If you are concerned that your child (or yourself) may have environmental sensitivities, then this book will serve as a very important resource. It helps you to identify children who may be prone to environmental illness by reviewing common symptoms, highlighted by the use of case studies. Yet, it is more than just didactic. Rather, Is This Your Child’s World? serves as a great how-to reference on assessing indoor air pollution's “dangers” and provides solutions to remedy home and school environments, including an extensive list of resources. Thoughtful and comprehensive, Is This Your Child’s World? is written by pediatrician Doris Rapp, and was the first comprehensive source book of its kind.

Ritalin-Free Kids: Safe and Effective Homeopathic Medicine for ADD and Other Behavioral and Learning Problems by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, MPH, ND and Robert Ullman, ND

If your child or a child you know has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or experiences challenges with learning or behavior, you may want to check out this book if you are looking for an alternative to the amphetamine medicines -- such as Ritalin -- that are usually prescribed for these "conditions." The authors, renowned homeopaths and naturopathic physicians, have written numerous other natural health related books and maintain private practices in Washington State (USA). The book provides an overview of ADHD including the conventional perspective and then reviews homeopathic treatment geared towards it as well as other behavioral and learning problems. As numerous families have claimed improvements in their child’s health using natural approaches to healing, including homeopathy, this book may offer important insight and guidance to helping our children to live a happier, healthier, and more balanced life.

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Lactation

The Natural Pregnancy Book: Herbs, Nutrition and Other Holistic Choices Aviva Jill Romm

In The Natural Pregnancy Book: Herbs, Nutrition and Other Holistic Choices, Aviva Jill Romm celebrates pregnancy and natural ways of supporting oneself through this wonderful time. Positive and inspiring, it includes information on nutrition, exercise and herbal remedies to help with the natural “discomforts” that may occur during pregnancy.

Natural Health after Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness Aviva Jill Romm

In the companion book Natural Health after Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness, Romm again celebrates the mother, and provides information on nutrition, herbs and yoga for new mothers. The book is uplifting and sweet just like new motherhood is.

Prenatal Yoga (DVD) by Shiva Rea

This DVD, by world-renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea, is a wonderful way to enjoy prenatal yoga in the comfort of you own home. It includes a 50 minute series of asanas (postures) that are targeted for the needs of a pregnant woman, and three levels of exercises geared towards each of the trimesters. Relax, strengthen, and tone with this DVD geared towards yoga practitioners of all levels.

Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy: From Conception to Childbirth by Penelope Ody

Written by Penelope Ody, the author of numerous other books on herbal medicine, Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy: From Conception to Childbirth contains information on natural remedies for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. The book includes information on herbs for conditions often experienced during pregnancy including backache, stretch marks, hemorrhoids and about a twenty others. It covers approaches to childbirth, issues that may arise postpartum, as well as breastfeeding. Yet, the book is not just for mom, but includes herbal remedies geared towards the infant as well. While the book is mainly focused on botanical medicine, it does offer some information on diet, exercise and massage as well.


Special Delivery: A guide to creating the birth you want for you and your baby by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Written by a midwife and intended for all parents, (regardless of where they decide to birth their babies) this book provides complete information, including graphs, charts, and illustrations, about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postpartum period. It is simple in presentation and filled with honest, down-to-earth advice, as well as intimate stories of the births of individual children. Dancy leaves you informed, and thus, empowered, from the very beginning of your child's life.


Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year: A guide to health and comfort before and after your baby is born by Elizabeth Noble

With an emphasis on prevention and postpartum restoration, Noble provides a working understanding of the key muscles involved in the pregnancy process. Her exercises are designed to “ease the burdens of pregnancy on the average, under-exercised woman,” and her approach reveals to readers how they can recognize problems and correct them on their own. There are summaries which provide concise references for both prenatal exercises and for preventative exercises for women of all ages.


Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin

Words cannot stress the value of this book as a resource for expectant mothers and fathers. Over half of the text is personal birth stories and the remainder of the book is a full resource on all issues related to pregnancy. Even mothers birthing in centers or hospitals will enjoy this book, as it is filled with the wonder of bringing life into the world, and held up by a hefty serving of resources for doulas, childbirth educators, birth centers, and other groups dedicated to improving the quality of maternity care both at home and in hospitals.


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
by La Leche League International

This book covers nearly every topic related to breastfeeding, including breastfeeding positions, help with breastfeeding problems, tips for the working mother, and current research on the benefits of breastfeeding. A must read for anyone who plans on, or is interested in, nursing her child.

Health and Nutrition


The Holistic Pediatrician by Kathi J. Kemper, M.D., M.P.H.

This book gives you a comprehensive look at the full range of treatments for the top 25 childhood health issues. From standard medications to herbs and prayer, all aspects are covered. Kemper takes care to explain the causes of ailments, possible preventions, and advice on how to interact with doctors, making it very clear when medical action is necessary. Easy design of the text makes it a very useful reference for parents.



The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness by David Marshak

In The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness, David Marshak explores the teaching about childraising and education of three great spiritual teachers: Rudolph Steiner, Sri Aurobindo Ghose and Hazrat Inayat Khan. Readers will see how, despite their backgrounds in different traditions, they all shared the common vision that children are whole beings. The Common Vision reveals their insights into creating an environment for children where they can best flourish, grow and unfold. This book is great for parents, educators or anyone interested in helping children to evolve into who they naturally are. Marshak has studied the teachings of these three emissaries and their applications to education, families and school for over fifteen years and currently teaches in the School of Education at Seattle University (Washington State, USA).


No More Turning Away: A Revolution in Education, Solutions for a Violent World by Ronald Veronda

A book that stresses education as the most important way to change our world, explaining the problems and offering workable solutions to correct the dysfunction in our education methods, and thus, the entire planet.

Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Wellbeing


The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife by Sally Bjornsen

The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife is a humorous honest look at making the transition from single and independent female to the challenges facing a new marriage with stepchildren. With humor and grace, Sally Bjornsen shares anecdotes from stepmothers dealing with the challenges and unexpected benefits of marrying a man with kids. There's a ton of books out there that help newlyweds deal with the challenges of learning to share personal space, bank accounts, decision making, and families but none that focus on the additional and unique challenges and benefits of becoming a stepfamily. Honest and resourceful, the book reassures the newly married stepmother as she moves through the various, and often unexpected, emotions of learning to adjust to the new role as wife and stepmother.


Touchpoints: Your Child's Emotional and Behavioral Development by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. and Joshua Sparrow, M.D.

This is a series of two books that cover the first six years of your child's development. With chapters following four very different children through each year of their lives, through real-life events and the learning that comes from these, Brazelton, in his frank and delighted approach, shows how children deal with self control, making friends, learn to read, adjust to siblings, and master fears. There is also a large reference section which covers all manner of issues for parents, including adoption, childcare, chores and allowances, food problems, home schooling, loss and grief, sexuality, television, and toys, just to name a few. All of this is presented with understanding, expert perspective, and supportive advice.


The Yale Child Study Center Guide to Understanding Your Child b y Linda C. Mayes, M.D., and Donald J. Cohen, M.D.

Written with the goal of providing parents with insight into the many stages of child development, this guide leaves an understanding of the child's point of view, with a solid basis in science, and empathy for the parents' expectations and experience. Within the text lies information that gives parents the awareness, and the tools, to work with the ebbs and flows of their children's growth.


Your Child's Self Esteem: The Key to Life by Dorothy Corkille Briggs

“Step by step guidelines for raising responsible, productive, happy children” is the byline on the book, and it is true. This text is invaluable in the breaking of outmoded patterns in the way that we humans treat one another. It deals our entire perspective on human relations, with a focus on empathy, compassion, and the importance of high personal worth. There are wonderful sections on communication, discipline, and issues such as how self-esteem relates to sexuality. Excellent reading for all of us, parent or not.


How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

First published more than two decades ago, this best seller still resonates with parents who want to communicate more effectively with their children. Using illustrations, sample dialogues and practical exercises, the book provides detailed instructions on how to improve relationships within the family. The updated edition includes new suggestions from the co-authors and feedback from readers.


The Child Whisperer by Matt Pasquinilli

This book aims to assist parents and those who work in childhood development in building a child's confidence and self-control. Pasquilnili, who has been teaching martial arts to children for more than 10 years, uses simple writing to share an uncomplicated message. The author advocates such straight-forward approaches as reminding the child to make eye contact when conversing and teaching the child to use deep, regular breathing as a way to cope with stress.


Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing by Michele Borba

This volume shows parents how to overcome television, video games and the rest of pop culture in shaping a child's morality. Borba, an educator and nationally recognized expert, defines seven virtues (empathy, conscience, self-control, respect, kindness, tolerance and fairness) found in children and explains how parents can encourage moral growth in today's youth. The book also reminds parents that they must lead by example.

The  Magic Years:  Understanding and Handling the Problems of Early Childhood by Selma Fraiberg 

This is a wonderful book to use as a guide from ages birth to teens. Within you will find lots of vignettes on various situations you are likely to encounter.  Written with clarity, love and respect for our little people.
The Language and Thought of the Child by Jean Piaget

This is a must read book by a world famous, and very perceptive developmental psychologist.  It is a great help in understanding how a child thinks and perceives the world from infancy to adulthood.   Piaget's work with the cognitive abilities of children is theory which continues to hold in this day and age.
Moral Judgment of the Child by Jean Piaget

This is one of the most important developmental psychology books, which chronicles the evolution of children's moral thinking from pre-school to adulthood.
Identity:Youth and Crisis by Erik Erikson

This book looks at the concept of Identity and tracks its developmental history.  Recommended are any books by Erikson, whose eight stages of development (emotional/social issues) lay the foundation for parents to guide their teaching and interventions accordingly, from birth to adulthood.
Keys to Developing Your Child's Self Esteem by Carl E. Pickhardt

This is a useful book for parents who are looking for an introduction to the topic of self esteem in children.
Discipline:  The Brazelton Way by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.

One of many books by the renowned pediatrician Berry Brazelton, who may have been the first to ask parents to decide what they want to teach their children in advance.   This book deals with common parenting challenges, and shows how growth spurts - physical, emotional, and intellectual - can lead to conflicts and testing behavior.  This book offers both understanding and practical solutions.
The Nurture Assumption:  Why Children Turn Out the Way They Do by Judith Rich Harris

This book is a very different view of why our children turn out as they do, and explodes some of the common myths that the influence of parents is the model for success or failure.  It explores other important influences in the lives of our children and how their experiences outside the home have the power to shape the people they become.  Good for parents of all ages.
Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

How to develop simple but very effective ways to reduce conflict between your children, promote fairness and cooperation, and help them find their own way to solutions.
Surviving Your Adolescents:  How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13-18 Year Olds by Thomas E. Phelan, Ph.D. 

This is a practical book on how to manage teenage hassles, how to decide which battles to fight and how to improve parent-teenager relationships.  This is an excellent resource for parenting this difficult age group.
The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, M.D.

This is a wonderful book to learn about the nature and definition of love, and relationships between people, including our children and our spouses.
The Indigo Children, Books I and II: The New Children Have Arrived by  Lee Carroll and Jan Tober

The Indigo child is one who displays an unusual set of attributes, ranging from the psychological to the spiritual.  This is a call to parents and teachers to change their treatment of these kids to assist them in achieving balance and harmony in their lives.
Families First: Your Step by Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family by Dr. Phil McGraw

This is a very positive, action-oriented book that will help you as parents to become as effective and as positive as you would like to be.  Dr. Phil gives you a structure to make realistic choices and daily actions that will enable your family to become well functioning and happy.  Dr. Phil shoots straight from the hip and he has some good ideas.
Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by John Gottman

This is an excellent book that teaches how to deal effectively with something we all find ambiguous - emotions... And it is a must for the child today to learn to handle feelings in a world that tends to give them little credibility.
Attention Deficit Disorder:  A Different Perception by Thom Hartmann

This book looks at attentional problems as a natural adaptive trait, rather than a "disorder.” Many parents do not want to drug their children for classroom convenience.  Here's another view which normalizes the characteristics of ADD and ADHD kids, and helps you understand and work with your child's mind and behavior.


What’s your Sign: A Cosmic Guide for Young Astrologers by Madalyn Aslan

From the moment my two year old and I sat down with this book, I knew it would be wonderful. As an Aries with an understandably short attention span, it says a lot that he sat with me for five minutes and said, “Oh wow” as we read about his sign. With a colorful outside and an insightful inside, Madalyn Aslan has created a book that speaks not only to kids, but also to the kid in each of us. The positive and compassionate approach leads to the understanding that each of us is unique, with special qualities to offer to the wonderful other people on this planet. With a spinner wheel and a pull out poster, fun illustrations, and a generally great attitude, the text has lots to offer both children and adults, even in the eight states in the U.S. where it has been banned. Also check out Aslan's site for regular horoscopes for adults and further writings at

Web Resources

The American Pregnancy Association

The American Pregnancy Association is a website dedicated to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness. It features a wealth of information including information on getting pregnant, planning and preparing for pregnancy, birthing options, prenatal testing, and after-birthing issues. It also provides information on women’s health, birth control, adoption and more. The website features discussion forums as well as a toll free number to speak with a reproductive specialist.


Fertility FYI

This website may be helpful those looking for information on both causes of and treatment options for infertility. It includes numerous articles on the topic. It features a directory of nationally (U.S.) recognized medical professionals specializing in fertility and reproductive medicine, notably those that work with in vitro fertilization. The information is focused on allopathic medical perspectives and does not necessarily take into account nutrition and holistic perspectives on infertility, although individual specialists listed in the directory may include this in their focus.


Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE)

Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) is an organization dedicated to supporting domestic abuse victims, notably those who are generally the most underserved. These populations include teens, gays and lesbians, men, and the elderly. Their website provides numerous resources that not only directly support those affected by domestic abuse, but also aims to educate people about this issue. Included on the website are international resources for support, essays, and a online support group and discussion forum. They also feature a Speaker's Bureau, available to give presentations and trainings on domestic violence.


Celiac Disease Resources

Celiac disease is a genetic condition characterized by a sensitivity to gluten, a protein substance found in many cereal grains. Gluten-containing grains include wheat, spelt, barley, triticale and others. In those with celiac disease, ingestion of gluten can damage the small intestine, leading to nutritional deficiencies and other related conditions. The condition affects approximately 1 in 133 Americans and 1% of individuals worldwide, although many who are affected have never been diagnosed. The following are some references of interest for more information on celiac disease. These resources may also be helpful for those with wheat intolerance.

Celiac Disease Foundation
Celiac Disease and Gluten-free Diet Support Center
Gluten Intolerance Group
FoodNotes' article on Gluten-Free Diet


The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

Food Allergy News for Kids

Numerous children have allergenic/hypersensitivity reactions to foods that can cause both obvious as well as subtle symptoms. Two website resources that can provide helpful information on this subject include The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and Food Allergy News for Kids. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network provides a host of information on the subject for parents, caretakers and teachers including but not limited to tips for identifying hidden food allergens, education programs for schools, and allergy-free recipes. The Food Allergy News for Kids is a kid-friendly website that provides children with food allergies both information and support. It features tips for managing food allergies, school project ideas, how to create a support network, and other important information for kids who have food allergies. Education is power and this website may help kids eradicate the stigma that they may feel by having to limit their food choices.

The World's Healthiest Foods

If you want to learn more about nutrition and whole foods -- what their benefits are and how to best prepare them for yourself and your family -- look no further than the World's Healthiest Foods. The website includes hundreds of easy-to-prepare, healthful recipes; research-based health benefit information on over 130 foods, including full nutritional profiles; and a special section entitled "Healthy Eating for the Entire Family" that looks at nutrient needs throughout life (including articles on newborns and infants, children, and pregnant women). Packed with vast amounts of valuable information, use the three top menu bars "Eating Healthy," "Cooking Healthy," and "Feeling Great" to navigate your way into the site or use the search tool at the bottom to hone in on specific information you may be looking for. The World's Healthiest Foods website was created by the George Mateljan Foundation, a non-profit organization with no commercial interest.


The Continuum Concept

This is the internet resource for readers and those interested in Jean Liedloff's book The Continuum Concept . Liedloff spent two years in the South American jungle where she experienced a revolution in thinking about how we raise our children. Created by a non-profit organization for education on Liedloff's ideas, it provides the principles of the Continuum Concept, ways to integrate them into our lives, access to a community of others who are working with the concept, and many further articles and resources.


Creative Inspirations

The focus of Creative Inspirations is simple: to truly encourage children to nurture a creative interest they have longed to take up, to be someone from whom they can receive boundless emotional support in the following of their creative hearts. It's creator, Margie McGregor, has worked in the UK as a policewoman and later as the head of The Friendship Trust, an organization which was aimed at helping "impossible" children. She later changed her focus to the prevention of this perceived "impossibility" and the simple ways that adults can have tremendous positive impact on children with a clear attitude of support for their wildest dreams.

The official Web site of leading baby experts Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, along with two of their pediatrician sons, Dr. Jim and Dr. Bob, is a comprehensive resource for parents of infants to toddlers. The articles are timely and easy to read, whether they are about burping the baby or having fun in autumn. An index makes it easy for you to find the topic you are looking for, but just browsing through the different subjects can lead you to interesting tips. Best of all, you can literally ask Dr. Sears. A note of caution, the Web site sternly suggests that before you submit a question, make sure it isn't already answered somewhere on the site.


Parent Soup

More than a Web site, Parent Soup is like a community. Due to the active message boards, parents can connect with others who are dealing with ailing infants or sulky teens. The site, part of the iVillage Web group, also contains articles on almost every child-raising topic and quizzes, which are entertaining, but a little obvious. Parent Soup also features experts who write Q and A columns and sometimes conduct live chats. One great feature of the Web site is that it breaks down parenting issues into specific age categories, like toddlers or preteens, making it easier to find groupings of articles that pertain to your kid.


Parents.The Anti-Drug

If you fear your teen is dabbling in drugs, you can log onto this Web site, which strives to give parents the tools to raise drug-free children. It contains articles on substance abuse prevention; tips for determining if your teen is on drugs; and a forum for parents to provide support for each other as they try to keep their children off drugs. For the uninitiated parent, there is a section that provides details on the different types of drugs that teens today might be trying. The site, run by a quasi-governmental agency, also offers information in several different languages, such as Spanish and Chinese.

Sexuality Resources (for kids)

Cool Nurse

Cool Nurse is a great site for pre-teens and teens. With topics ranging from Your Social Life to Mental Health to Sex Stuff there is something here for everybody and every body as well. Parents with younger children can also use the site to help their children become more knowledgable and open about these topics or to answer some of "those questions" that are common from kids. The site is very user-friendly, with a "Sexuality FAQs" page that answers over four dozen questions.

Pre-Teens (ages 11-12/puberty) Great!
Teens (ages 13-16) Highly recommended.
Young Adults (ages 17 & up) Highly recommended!


Sex, Etc.

Sex, Etc. is a website by teens for teens. Written in a language and style that teens can understand and relate to gives Sex, Etc. a definite edge over other sites. Sex, Etc. covers at least 16 topics of concern to today's teens with four of those topics directly covering sex and sexual intercourse. With everything ranging from resources to FAQ's the chances are very good that you'll find the answer to your question(s). Parents have access to various resources as well, making this site a unique find.

Pre-Teens (ages 11-12/puberty) Highly recommended.
Teens (ages 13-16) Highly recommended!
Young Adults (ages 17 & up) Highly recommended!


Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice! is a great site for teens with information covering physical, emotional and sexual health and wellness. The questions covered are real concerns and the answers very honest and up-front. The mission of Go Ask Alice! is "[to provide] readers with credible, accessible information so that they can make better decisions concerning their health and well-being". Though the content is better suited for teens to young adults Pre-Teens could easily benefit from the information offered.

Pre-Teens (ages 11-12/puberty) Good.
Teens (ages 13-16) Highly recommended.
Young Adults (ages 17 & up) Highly recommended!


I Wanna Know  

I Wanna Know covers exactly what kids and teens wanna know. Covering the full gamut from puberty to sex, STD's and prevention and a glossary to boot, this site has it all. Written in a language that teens can both understand and feel comfortable about reading, there is nothing to fear here. Nothing is "taboo" and everything is open and honest. Another great site for the honest facts about sex and sexuality!

Pre-Teens (ages 11-12/puberty) Great!
Teens (ages 13-16) Highly recommended!
Young Adults (ages 17 & up) Highly recommended!

Sexuality Resources (for adults)

Society for Human Sexuality

A highly diverse site with a sex-positive viewpoint, is an amazing place for adults to find information and understanding about nearly everything relating to “adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression.” You will find guides and reviews of educational books and videos, events, and erotica, guides to cities, and you can read the works of sex educators such as Dr. Betty Dodson. There is also a plethora of information for you to learn more about everything from flirting to safer sex, erotic talk to tantra, swinging to polyamory, and philanthropy to BDSM. Simply put, this is a wealth of a resource for any adult.


SoloTouch Resources

This is the links page from the folks over at It provides a breakdown of links in several areas, including masturbation, sexuality, circumcision, and where to get help if you have had negative sexual experiences. Have a look and decide for yourself what would be most helpful to you as an individual – there are many, many choices.


Loving More

Are you interested in alternative family lifestyles or non-traditional relationships? Is society’s definition of a partnership not sitting well with your heart? Visit Loving More to learn out about the worlds of other options available for doing relationships, including polyamory, panfidelity, and responsible non-monogamy. You will find a group of open minded individuals who have an interest in education, acceptance, and building community.


Of Senators, The Pubes & Victoria Woodhull's Dharma Heirs

Written by our very own Eric Francis, this article discusses the truth about abstinence-only sex education programs. Federal funding is provided to states that agree to teach this type of sex education, which is not required to be medically accurate, and most states teach some form of the program. Despite evidence that parents want their children to have a comprehensive sex education, and despite evidence that AO programs are ineffective, even harmful, they continue. Learn the details about this, and find out about organizations working to change things.


The Woodhull Freedom Foundation (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US)

Victoria Woodhull was a Victorian era activist who lectured and published in the 1870s, introducing sex-positive values into culture. Her ideas were based in the thought that sex is part of natural human expression that we each have a right to enjoy equally. The Woodhull Foundation works today to make our culture more sex-positive. Some of their goals include: “freedom of speech and artistic expression on sexual subjects, educating citizens and elected officials about the dangers of repressive sex laws and advocating passage of model legislation, eliminating abstinence-only education, and support of age appropriate sex education for all,” as well as advocating that the US contribute fairly to the fight against AIDS, supporting body integrity, and working with health providers and educators to provide accurate and explicit safer sex information.


Institute for 21st Century Relationships

“Attaining a satisfactory level of love and companionship through intimate relations is an unalterable, fundamental need of all human beings. The Institute for 21st Century Relationships exists to facilitate the fulfillment of the human potential for relating, and to support the freedom of consenting adults to discover and to practice the intimate relationship structure that best meets their emotional and human needs. We champion the basic human right to do so free of governmental, societal or institutional coercion or favoritism.” The above is takes directly from this institute’s mission statement. They use research, education, and support to work for an environment where all sorts of relationships are understood and accepted. You will find information about their programs, places to find support, and opportunities to become involved.

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