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Planet Waves 2005 Astrology Calendar
researched by Michelle Perrin for Bridge to the Core

This calendar covers some of the major planetary events of 2005, including inner planet retrogrades, major conjunctions, and sign changes. Chiron, Pholus and Nessus are the first three centaur planets. Other centaurs are Chariklo, Asbolus, Hylonome, Okyrhoe, and Pelion. Quaoar and Huya are small, recently-discovered planets outside the orbit of Pluto. We don't attempt to cover everything in this calendar, just a few of the more interesting events that people are likely to feel.

Bush "Presidential" Inauguration : January 20
 Chariklo stations retrograde in Libra: January 22
 Pholus enters Sagittarius: January 23
 Nessus enters Aquarius: January 31

Jupiter station retrograde : February 2
 Huya stations retrograde in Scorpio: February 3
 Chiron enters Aquarius: February 21
 Hylonome stations retrograde in Scorpio: February 23

Mars square Jupiter: March 3
 Pholus stations retrograde in Sagittarius: March 3
 Venus conjunct Uranus: March 4
 Mars opposite Saturn: March 7
 Sun square Pluto: March 14
 Mars enters Aquarius: March 20
 Mars Conjunct Chiron: March 23
 Mercury station retrograde: March 20
 Aries Equinox: March 20

Annular Solar Eclipse : April 8
 Sun square Saturn: April 10
 Mercury station direct: April 12
 Pholus retrograde re-enters Scorpio: April 12
 Mars conjunct Neptune: April 13
 Asbolus enters Aries: April 18
 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: April 24

Mars enters Pisces: May 1
 Huya re-enters Libra: May 4
 Sun square Neptune: May 8
 Nessus station retrograde in Aquarius: May 8
 Chiron station retrograde in Aquarius: May 10
 Chiron conjunct Nessus: May 10
 Mars conjunct Uranus: May 15

Sun square Uranus: June 1
 Jupiter station direct: June 5
 Quaoar conjunct 14 Sagittarius 02, the Great Attractor: June 7
 Mars enters Aries: June 12
 Chariklo stations direct in Libra: June 13
 Sun opposite Pluto: June 14
 Chiron conjunct Nessus: June 15
 Cancer Solstice: June 21
 Mars opposite Jupiter: June 26
 Venus conjunct Saturn: June 26
 Mercury conjunct Saturn: June 26

Huya station direct in Libra: July 10
 Venus opposite Neptune: July 12
 Sun square Mars: July 12
 Saturn enters Leo: July 16
 Asbolus station retrograde in Aries: July 20
 Chiron opposite Saturn: July 21
 Mercury station retrograde: July 23
 Sun conjunct Saturn: July 23
 Okyrhoe enters Cancer: July 27
 Mars enters Taurus: July 28
 Hylonome station direct in Scorpio: July 28
 Venus opposite Uranus: July 31
 Mars square Saturn: July 31

Chiron retrograde re-enters Capricorn : August 1
 Mercury opposite Neptune: August 2
 Pholus stations direct in Scorpio
 Sun opposite Neptune: August 8
 Mercury station direct: August 16
 Jupiter trine Neptune: August 17
 Mars square Neptune: August 28
 Elatus enters Leo: August 29
 Nessus retrograde re-enters Capricorn: August 31

Sun opposite Uranus: September 1
 Venus conjunct Jupiter: September 1
 Huya re-enters Scorpio: September 10
 Sun square Pluto: September 14
 Libra Equinox: September 22

Mars station retrograde : October 1
 Annular Solar Eclipse: October 3
 Mercury conjunct Jupiter: October 5
 Chiron stations direct in Capricorn: October 6
 Nessus stations direct in Capricorn: October 9
 Partial Lunar Eclipse: October 17
 Sun conjunct Jupiter: October 22
 Mercury opposite Mars: October 22
 Jupiter enters Scorpio: October 26
 Venus conjunct Pluto: October 29

Sun square Saturn: November 3
 Sun square Neptune: November 7
 Sun opposite Mars: November 7
 Mars square Neptune: November 7
 Quaoar conjunct 14 Sagittarius 02, the Great Attractor: November 9
 Mercury stations retrograde: November 14
 Nessus re-enters Aquarius: November 16
 Mars square Saturn: November 18
 Pholus re-enters Sagittarius: November 19
 Jupiter trine Uranus: November 27
 Sun square Uranus: November 29

Asbolus station direct in Aries: December 1
 Mercury stations direct: December 4
 Mars opposite Jupiter: December 5
 Chiron enters Aquarius: December 6
 Chiron conjunct Nessus: December 8
 Mars station direct: December 10
 Sun conjunct Pluto: December 16
 Jupiter square Saturn: December 17
 Capricorn Solstice: December 21
 Venus stations retrograde: December 24
 Mars square Saturn: December 28
 Mercury conjunct Pluto: December 31

Venus stations direct: February 3, 2006

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