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Welcome to the New Parent Waves

Parent Waves is the world's first astrology journal dedicated to people taking care of kids. It's designed to provide a forum for information, and a place to express your views. The new edition is available for everyone to see -- not just subscribers.

The mission of Parent Waves is simple. We feel that taking care of kids and caregivers is tied for first place as the most important kind of activism. And we think -- we know -- that astrology can help, and we're determined to put that information together and make it available to you. We have an extensive and growing resource area with reviews of websites, books, and more. We also know that sometimes it is refreshing simply to hear from other parents about their experiences, and we have those perspectives, both funny and serious, through the contributions of our writers. We also keep a watch for important news related to children and parenting, and we post those articles here as they come to light. Last, there is the monthly Cosmic Child horoscope -- a new horoscope column Eric has created to give parents insights into the astrology of their sons and daughters.

The horoscope will is available to everyone, as is the resources directory. The rest is available to subscribers -- so please click on our subscribe link, take advantage of what we're doing, support our work.

Please tell your friends and spread the word in your communities, in person and online. And let us know if you would like to get involved in our work.
Thank you!


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This edition was prepared with the assistance of Michele Perrin, Tracy Delaney, Theresa Sarah Henzler, Maria Henzler, Gail Nelson, Bonnie White, Karen Pardini, Stephanie Gailing, Maya Dexter, Karen Moline, Bessie Stewart and a few other people who we may have accidentally omitted.

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