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Cosmic Child Horoscope
for Pisces 2005

This horoscope is a combined February-March edition, written for the Sun's transit through Pisces. We will be updating Planet Waves Parenting and the Cosmic Child Horoscope around the time that the Sun changes signs each month. The idea of the Cosmic Child Horoscope is to use astrology as a source of information for parents, providing potential insight into what their children are feeling and experiencing but cannot say. Astrology of course is only a guide; take these recommendations with a grain of salt, and use them if they work. I've also included some information for parents that they will find under their own birth sign.

Where kids are involved, it's a good idea to work with the rising sign and the Moon sign. Children and young people may express their ascendants a lot more vividly than their Sun sign. And the Moon is a place to get information about a person's basic needs. You may find that these little entries work for that. There are also the two other Planet Waves monthly horoscopes that can offer some insight, posted free at this link.

The big news for the current moment is that on Feb. 21, Chiron changes signs to Aquarius. This is what you could call 'generational' astrology and will define an era of life, one that takes us clear through 2011. I have prepared a special edition for the Chiron sign change (distributed as the Feb. 18 weekly horoscope), which you can find at this link.

Chiron plays an important role in the lives of children, because it so often describes our childhood crisis. As a parent, understanding your child's Chiron sign can go a long way toward making their childhood a little safer and saner. I'll have more on that in the forthcoming edition of Planet Waves Parenting , including references to two books that will be helpful in gaining an understanding of this intriguing planet. There is also a basic introduction posted here, with some frequently asked questions.

Aries (March 20-April 19)
Aries children and teens are going to do a lot of growing up this year. You may be stunned at the pace of change, particularly between now and summer. So if you're having any 'maturity issues' in school, at home or elsewhere, wait them out. At the moment, the desire to be accepted by friends will lead the way to clearer ideas about what adults call identity. Such is never formed in a vacuum; it is always part of a social pattern. Young ones may seem a lot more authentic among their peers than with parents and caregivers. Enjoy the baby in them while it lasts.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Taurus kids may be hatching lots of seemingly crazy plots about their future careers. What you may be surprised to know is that their current ideas contain a surprising level of intuition and even concrete knowledge. I suggest you listen and respond; skip any judgment, simply take their ideas seriously and be supportive in a friendly and modest way. Provide some real experiences. Perhaps a friend of the family has some contacts and can get them behind the scenes of the world of their dreams -- backstage at a theatre, an airport, a laboratory -- but for real, not just on the Internet.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
A crisis of friendship is possible for Gemini children, who may seem much more tuned into their inner worlds as the spring develops than they are to their outer ones. This is a temporary but deeply important phase of reassessment. In other words, rather than being a sign of instability, it's a sign of growth. The natural optimism and openness of Gemini children often masks the deeper layers, where they harbor their doubts. What you're likely to get a look at is precisely their feeling of not knowing who they are for sure -- which is a beautiful thing. Give them space to find out, and they will.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
You must take your Cancer child seriously now. I have a feeling that they don't feel like you believe them when they speak their hard-won personal truth. Part of why it's not easy being a kid is that unless you're surrounded by truly unusual adults, you lack any credibility. That can instill a deep wound when what is needed the most is a sense of intuitive trust. You would go a long way toward building that trust by being open about your faith in them. Put it into words. Experiment with contracts and agreements. You will both be impressed.

Leo (July 22-Aug 23)
Leo is the solid beam of light that runs through the center of the horoscope, and as a result Leo people often spend a lot of time holding the world together. But a child is a child, and as the next weeks and months progress, you will need to do your part to lighten the burden they may be experiencing. Recognize how much they take on that isn't really theirs; really look at how this works. Be particularly careful when ascribing responsibility for events or feelings. You may need to say out loud a few times, "It's okay -- I will take care of this."

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
You may notice an unusual depth of sexual development in Virgo children of all ages, development that is crucial to their fragile sense of self. If this is a taboo subject, it's also a vitally important one. I suggest making sure that you keep your energy loose, that is, non-judgmental, and make sure that accurate information is available. It's never too early to answer an honest question honestly, and a person is never too young to have a measure of psychic and physical privacy. In the civilized world, we have a lot to learn about the whole concept of normal. It's not what we think; it's a whole lot more.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)  
Libra children may be going through a crisis of authority, and Libra parents need to look at their own issues with authority. You both stand at a critical moment in the generation-to-generation passage of material. This is the time to break cycles of abuse and create positive messages for everyone. It's not necessarily easy, but it's important and moreover, it's truly possible. If Libra kids of any age start acting out, you need to ask whether your use of authority is designed to break their spirit, even if you think this will do them some good. Please err on the side of life and freedom.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Love heals everything. Stated another way, love is present wherever healing happens. As the emphasis on Scorpios shifts to health and wellbeing, remember that most ailments, challenging states of mind and the demands of growth do a lot better when love and warmth are directed at them. Yet often it is love itself that needs to be healed, and there is something in the Scorpio charts about opening up to receiving care and affection to a degree that may be quite challenging to many on Earth, but no less necessary. In any event, where there's a question, this is the likely answer.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)
We tend not to take the passions of young people seriously. Yet this position by its nature means we don't see how daring they are; we don't see the risk involved. Of course, the beauty of young love is precisely that the risk that adults perceive in their own amorous explorations is pretty much invisible. I suggest you look, and let your Sagittarius child teach you what it means to be very brave and bold, and still willing to take that chance, to live on that inner edge where nothing is certain but everything is necessary, beautiful and real.

(Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
Though you may not have recognized it, your presence as a parent has been particularly large for your Capricorn child the past couple of years. Parents are always enormous, larger than life, and often perceived as deities. And though religion would scoff at the notion, parents impart their child's idea of God by their own actions. Make sure your Capricorn child knows you are 'God' who is happy with your creation. Make sure that boundaries, firm though they are, are covered in something soft; they may not move, but at least they will absorb the impact. And remember: your first job is to be supportive. You know so much; it should be easy.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
This is a positively enormous time in the lives of all Aquarians, and years from now, astrologers will wonder what people under this sign were going through today. You have the ability to see the developments with your eyes, and to influence them with your choices. Above all else, if there is a young Aquarian in your life, you need to do something that may seem strange to read: reassure her that she exists. How exactly to go about this depends on the nature of the child involved. It may mean extra attention. It may mean consciously bestowed privileges. It may mean a louder voice in the affairs of the houshold.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Pisces are capable of depths of fear, pleasure, love and cosmic yearning like few others can imagine. Yet when the bets are placed on the table, they can be the most practical and logical of the lot. Don't let this rationality confuse you; there is a great deal of urgent emotion behind and self-doubt behind it. You will go a long way toward keeping this child happy by not adding to their doubts; but rather, being honest about your own relationship to the unknown, and encouraging them to seek for their own answers. Give them a little space and time and they will find them, and in the process, teach you a lot.

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